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You collect, we protect

My name is Cas Ebbeng, the proud founder and owner of ‘The Acrylic Box’. I’ve always been a fan of TCG games and collected lots of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards back in the day. For me however –as for many– it was merely a hobby. A fun activity on the side while I worked in sales and management for about 10 years, building my career.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I decided to spend more time in trading and collecting and discovered there are shops offering cases and items to protect collections. Loved the idea, but I was shocked by the prices and quality. I figured it could be done better. After spending a lot of time doing research, writing a plan, and exploring all possibilities in this market, I eventually ended up designing a line of cases which contain major upgrades compared to existing items. I like to call them the ‘premium’ cases.

‘The Acrylic Box’ was born.

Our mission is to build a solid and trustworthy brand, which is known for its great service and amazing quality. We are currently working on becoming one of the biggest suppliers in Europe.

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