All products of ‘The Acrylic Box’ are made from Virgin-Acrylic.

Regarding acrylic’s ability to last, the virgin acrylic we use is the purest on the market, which means a stronger and longer-lasting product to hold up against cracks, chips, dings, and even stains. Without extra particles to make the material weaker, virgin acrylic is engineered to withstand the test of time.

Because we used 6MM thickness, we were able to place the strongest magnets possible for this product. We also polished our corners to make them smooth and pick-up friendly.

Premium 6MM Pokemon Booster Box (BB)

Premium 6MM Pokemon Elite Trainer Box (ETB)

Ultra Premium Collection Box (Celebrations)

Ultra Premium Collection Box – (Charizard)

The Graded Card Display

Funko Pop – Acrylic Case

6- Slot Acrylic Pack Dispenser

LED Graded Card Stand

Acrylic Booster Pack Case

Acrylic Japanese Booster Box – Small

Booster Box 5MM – Acrylic Case

Elite Trainer Box (ETB) Acrylic Case – 5MM

Disney Lorcana: Trove Box

Disney Lorcana: Boosterbox – Acrylic case

Japanse Boosterbox – Regular size